Day 37

He laughed as it if was something that happened every day. “Yeah, pretty good, hey”.

“Great.” I did my best to sound unconvinced. “You’ve come a long way.”

“I sure have. Who’d have thought at school that I’d end up back in a school, in charge of it?”

‘It’s not where I thought you’d end up,” I replied. “I didn’t get the impression from you that working with kids was your thing at all. Especially kids that didn’t fit in.”

“Like you, you mean?” His eyes took on the familiar cruel look that had taunted me relentlessly for years, and he smiled menacingly.

I felt my chest tighten and tears welling in my eyes as I fought to stay calm. Here was my chance to tell him what I thought of what he’d done.

‘Yes Mick. Kids like me. How do you treat them at your school? Do they get picked on and singled out because they’re awkward or short or have red hair and freckles?” I remembered red-haired Christina, who had been a couple of years younger than me and had been another of Mick’s targets in his final year because of her combination of being loud and awkward. “Do you laugh at them because they have boobs or they’re not outgoing?”

“Oh come on Elena,” he said, grinning. “That was all a bit of fun. Kids do that sort of thing all the time. You loved it.”




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