Day 40

I think I need to stop this blog. I don’t even know why I’m doing it. I just looked at half a dozen writing prompts and didn’t want to do any of them because of the fear someone might read what I wrote.

This was a fun experiment but I don’t think it’s achieving what I set out to achieve. I want to write, but I don’t think this is a good format. I’m also exhausted from going to bed too late so I don’t think I’m in a good space to decide my future right now. All I know is I’ve been doing this just just over a month and I’m not sure why.

Oh listen to me! A month. As if that gives me any idea. They say the times you don’t want to write are the times you should do it, so I guess that time is now. I’m really just blabbing to get my 15 minutes and so I can go have some dearly needed coffee. The words aren’t flowing at all this morning. I feel fuzzy and am realising that I need to enforce my 10pm bed time on Sundays because I don’t want Mondays to be like this.

I can’t stop yawning, I can’t keep writing. The writing prompts was a good idea but spreading a conversation over four or five blog posts is distracting and disjointed. There’s no way to get into the flow doing it that way. If I’m going to respond to one of those prompts it needs to be a one-off pice that takes as long as it takes, not three or tour episodes written over the course of a week.

Come on timer. I’m ready to stop and writing this today is torture. Today I don’t want to write. I still have no ideas and I feel like I’m wasting my time. This is the worst I’ve felt since I started this project.

Project ha. Not a project. Whatever it is. I bet I don’t even get to 400 words today. This is absolutely not enjoyable and I want to go back to bed. If only I could, but I cannot. I have to go to work and I’m going to try and catch the early bus. That means no mucking around. I should already be in the shower. I bet the timer isn’t working and that’s why it’s 6.08 and I’m still writing. It could go forever and I’d still be writing because I have to wait for the timer to tell me to stop. Hahaha. What great conditioning! Timer starts, I write. I write till the timer stops. Then I stop.

What if it doesn’t stop? Write about what you do.

Ok there we go. That’s it. Goodbye.


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