Day 41

Still here! I was going to have a rethink, but I didn’t do it, so we’re back in morning pages territory. Writing to get everything out of my mind I think. What a mess! Also, it’s cold. I wish I had just one idea for a story I could write. Just one that I could start thinking about and put some ideas down. But i got nothing. This is going to be a long 15 minutes.

Looking at my time tracking for last week. Somehow i managed to do 7 hours of daily writing, which is absurd, because I wrote for 15 minutes a day, not an hour a day. I don’t see how that’s possible. I also managed to track 182 hours in a week, where there are only 168 hours in a week, so something is very wrong there. I need to figure this out  because it’s crazy!

OK, what now? I got distracted by that. Now I’ve wasted my writing time fucking around with a time tracker. This is why we have the full screen mode when we write. Today has not started well. I wasted time lying in bed for 40 minutes when I could have been up and doing things, and now I’m screwing around with software that’s supposed to make me focus and be more productive. I have to sort this out!

Tomorrow will be better. I’ll  have a plan. OK. Even if it’s rubbish, it will be a plan and it will help. I hope.


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